Music Recording, Animation, Fitness, Art and Photography Studios

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Music Recording, Animation, Fitness, Art and Photography Studios

Finding a Studio for You

Open Studios works with and sources some of the very best studio facilities around the country to recommend to you.
Our team works personally with studio owners to trial and test the equipment that they have to offer so that we can provide you with the location and equipment that you need.

Animation Studios

The studios specialise in creating 2D and 3D computer animation. From television adverts and broadcast graphics to online Flash animation and assets for online games, the studios can help you with all aspects of creating your moving masterpiece, from concept designs and storyboards, through to sound and music.

Here at open studios we have helped our clients find what they need to reach success working with clients such as; AT&T, Nickelodeon, CBBC, Sure, Sony Games and Nokia to name but a few.

Fitness Studios

Our clients will often be looking for fitness studios to carry out personal training, small group exercise classes or dance rehearsals, all of which we can provide for.

With personal training programmes, they are individually tailored for you to help you achieve your goals and then maintain them. Whether it's because you've signed up to run a marathon, you want to shift some baby weight, you're a bride or groom looking to tone up for your wedding or you just want improve your health and fitness levels, our Brighton based mobile and private studio personal training programme can help you get there.